What is the possibility of a Life insurance Company Testing for TH

Insurance companies that sell life policies conduct comprehensive medical tests on applicants so that they can properly assess the individuals overall state Noble Oak life insurance of health. These tests are inclusive of blood and urine analysis that will indicate the presence of illegal substances like opiates and THC – in the case the client has indeed consumed them. Insurance companies are insistent

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on a thorough medical exam as it would help determine the rate of premiums for your policy based on the test results obtained. Healthy people in general can get lower premium rates on their policy as the insurance company can be fairly certain that the insured party can keep up with the premiums for the duration of the policy. Signs of good health also means that individual might have fewer health concerns arising in the near future which means lower expenses for the company in terms of providing coverage. On the other hand even healthy individuals who consume marijuana are at a risk of paying much higher premiums if their tests return positive for THC.

People who are under the use of narcotic substances like marijuana, opiates, cocaine and other substances often refrain from going in for a comprehensive life insurance policy. Part of this is due to the fear that they might end up getting arrested when the medical tests are conducted. It should be noted that all individuals who consume illegal drugs would not be held liable for accountability due to the presence of the HIPPA act. The health Insurance Portability and Accountability act prevents insurance companies from reporting any kind of such information to relevant authorities. Hence it would be wise for every individual to go in for a life insurance policy without having to face the fear of being prosecuted.

Insurance companies conduct blood and urine analysis to tests for the possible presence of opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, THC and other illegal substances. If the tests comes out positive for a substance like THC then the person might have to pay higher rates of premiums to get their health insurance. Insurers view marijuana as a health risk and hence charge higher premiums to cover for the risk involved in providing insurance.

There are a lot of people who smoke marijuana for recreational reasons and are not regular consumers. It is suggestive that you quite the habit altogether if you want to get a life policy that has low premium rates. THC is fat-soluble compound found in the bud and leaves of marijuana plants and can remain detectable in your blood and urine samples for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Regular smokers must quit consuming marijuana at least 6 to 8 weeks before undergoing a medical exam. Even people with prescriptions for marijuana usage may have to deal with the possibility of being denied insurance if they test positive for THC.

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