The Hidden Location of the Holy Grail Revealed

Where is the Holy Grail Hidden? This is perhaps the greatest secret of history. A many individuals scanned it for many years.

My exploration is begun when I read a BBC news at November 2004 about The Shugborough Code and its The Holy Grail association. The Shugborough Code was a genuine Da Vinci Code. Boss among these are the convictions that the associations between The Holy Grail and mystery social orders (Priory of Sion , Knights Templar , Illuminati and so forth).

The Shugborough Code has been said to demonstrate the area of The Holy Grail in view of the associations of The Anson Family, with the terrific bosses of the shut society of Knights Templar.

As extra , Nicolas Poussin (The Shepherd Monument’s help depends on his renowned composition “ET IN ARCADIA EGO”) was accepted to be a Grand Master of the Knights Templar, a request which caught Jerusalem during the Crusades and were known as the guardians of The Holy Grail. I have gone through around two years concentrating on letters scratched on The Shepherd’s Monument in England.

Finally, I decoded this secretive engraving and I tracked down the specific area of The Holy Grail.

News Released about Shugborough Inscription :

BBC – May 11, 2004 – New riddle for war code breakers

The Guardian – May 12, 2004 – Bletchley veterans tackle  How to join the illuminati ‘hardest riddle yet’

BBC – May 19, 2004 – Vandals assault noteworthy landmark

BBC – November 26, 2004 – Code focuses away from Holy Grail

BBC – November 26, 2004 – The endless hunt

The Scotsman – November 26, 2004 – Code broke as chase after Grail continues

Sydney Morning Herald – November 26, 2004 – Mysterious code at last broke

The Guardian – November 26 , 2004 – Has the secret of the Holy Grail been tackled?

IC Birmingham – March 16 , 2006 – Da Vinci connection may before long be uncovered

BBC – March 17, 2006 – Holy Grail ‘lies at dignified home’

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