Why Should You Visit Andros Island Bahamas?

When thinking of Bahamian islands, Andros Island is one of the largest. In fact, it’s so big that it is considered one island, bigger than all the other 700 combined. If you’ve never been to Andros, you’re missing out! Read on for some tips on visiting this amazing island. Here’s what to expect:

The east side of Andros Island is home andros island bahamas to deep water flats. These flats are surrounded by a barrier reef. Sea turtles and dolphins call these waters home. Other sea life can be found in the area, including whales, dolphins, and large fish like marlin. You’ll be able to find some of the world’s largest species of reef fish while you’re there. But the west side of Andros has much more to offer than diving and snorkelling.

Andros was first settled in 1550 by the Spanish, who hoped to conquer the Lucayan people. Fighting resulted in the extinction of the Lucayan people. During this time, American Loyalists fled to Andros, where they were granted large tracts of land that was suited to plantations. Andros’ thriving industry of handicrafts was a natural resource for these newcomers.

The blue holes on Andros are home to an abundance of fish, as well as a sea monster, called the Lusca. To visit these natural caves, you can take a tour with a local guide. In case you don’t want to dive, the Drifts Café, owned by Sheila Blatch, is a good place to stay. There are plenty of ice cold beers, and the chef cooks fantastic meals.

Fishing enthusiasts should know that Andros is the Bonefish Capital of The Bahamas. Its pristine waters attract eco-tourism lovers, anglers, and fishing enthusiasts. In fact, this island has more undeveloped areas than any other island in the Western Hemisphere, so it has enormous potential to become an amazing vacation destination. It is a great place for anyone who loves to fish, whether that’s saltwater or freshwater.

Despite its remoteness, Andros island is home to a vibrant community of people, including those in small settlements on the eastern shore of the island. Tourism on Andros is primitive and locals are friendly and unaffected. Because there’s little infrastructure on the island, it remains undeveloped and free of development. Andros has miles of stunning beaches and isn’t developed with large-scale tourism. It’s worth a visit to explore its rich culture and rich history.

The largest and least populated island in the Bahamas, Andros is also known as the bonefish capital of the world. The island is just over a hundred and eight miles long and forty miles wide. It has a barrier reef that is a third of the size of the Everglades. The outer edge of this reef drops to a depth of six thousand feet! It is truly a naturalist’s paradise! You can enjoy the pristine waters of Andros Island while watching the local wildlife.

The north end of Andros has an incredibly picturesque view of the sea. From there, you can visit Morgan’s Bluff, where Captain Henry Morgan used to hide his treasure. Legend has it that he tied a light to a goat to watch for shipwrecks. A cave near the bluff contains a cave where he hid his treasure. It’s a great location for a Bahamas family vacation.

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