Can a Professional Florist Guarantee Uncommon Flower Delivery?

 Can a Professional Florist Guarantee Uncommon Flower Delivery?

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2009 falls on a Saturday this year. This means you can get super  Nangs -creative with flower delivery in Orlando. Let me show you how.

First, start today, take notice of what you’re loved one does on Saturdays. Does she stay home and straighten up the house? Or, does she workout at the gym? Maybe at a certain time of the day? Is Saturday a workday for your special Valentine? Don’t just have flowers delivered to the house when she will not be there. Send them to work, or wherever she might be. Pick a specific time.

Maybe Saturdays are spent with their parent, friend or sibling. Send the flowers to that person’s house when you know your lover is going to be there. The most romantic Valentine gesture my husband gave me was having the delivery service drop off flowers to the elementary school when he knew I would be a parent helper for my kindergartner’s class. Not really an option for Saturdays, but a great example of knowing where I would be – and the element of surprise.

Perhaps you can manipulate the events to ensure your sweetie would be at a certain place at a certain time. Make dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant and arrange flower delivery while you are there. Have flowers delivered to your favorite nightclub while you are there, or have them sent ahead or during a movie time at the local theater. Ask for flower delivery anywhere in Orlando. Some places, obviously need to be contacted prior to your delivery to get specific details on how it would work.

What business wouldn’t want the extra excitement of you surprising your Valentine with not only flowers but the shocking element of them being delivered at a magical moment? The manager should be more than willing to comply.

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