Halo 4 Dawn Walkthrough, How to Complete Mission 1 Alone on Legendary

Halo 4 Dawn Walkthrough, How to Complete Mission 1 Alone on Legendary

This mission is much shorter and easier than the other missions in the Halo 4 campaign. You can easily finish it in under 20 minutes with few or no deaths. You will onl 38 super ammo for sale encounter covenant enemies in “Dawn”, so you should always use the loadout of a headshot weapon (either a magnum, battle rifle, or carbine) and a plasma pistol. This loadout will allow you to instantly kill all of the enemies, regardless of what difficulty you are playing on.

You begin this mission inside of a stasis chamber having just been awoken by Cortana. After you retrieve her from the council, you will draw your only weapon, a 224 ammo assault rifle. Immediately walk to the left wall, where you will find a 16 ammo magnum that you should pick up to accompany your assault rifle. Follow the waypoints that Cortana places for you, and two crates will eventually knock you into a low pressure elevator shaft (after Requiem scans you). Climb the shaft by pressing up on the joystick. As soon as Master Chief looks to either side, move the joystick in that direction to jump. By repeating this process, you will reach the top of the elevator shaft, where an elite with an energy sword will ambush you. Press the right bumper to kill him.

Now, the mission has fully begun. Grab more magnum ammo from the magnum in the left corner of the room you are in. In the room ahead of you, there 7 grunts and an elite major at the observation deck controls. Walk up behind the elite while he is focused on the computer and press the right bumper when you are directly behind him to assassinate him. Immediately sprint back into the room you were previously in for cover and wait for the grunts to come to you. Use your magnum to kill the grunts with headshots, and use the doorway as cover if your shields fall low. Because the magnum is a headshot weapon, it can kill any unshielded enemy (such as these grunts) with a single headshot, regardless of what difficulty or skull combination you are playing on. Once you have killed all of the grunts, swap your assault rifle for one of their plasma pistols and remove the blast shields at the observation deck controls.

Return back into the room you came from and wait for two Phantoms to deploy 7 grunts and 2 elite majors in the main room ahead of you. Do not walk out to attack the infantry, instead, wait for them to come to you so that you can stay in cover behind the doorway. Kill the elites one at a time by removing their shield with an overcharged plasma pistol and then killing them with a magnum headshot. When you overcharge the plasma pistol by holding down the trigger, it fires a homing plasma ball that instantly removes any enemy’s shields. Once the elites have no shields, you can use your headshot weapon to finish them off with a single headshot. Kill any grunts with magnum headshots. As long as you remain patient and stay behind the doorway, you can kill these enemies safely. Swap your plasma pistol for a fresh one at the end of the fight.

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