How the New Google Reader Can Benefit Your Online Marketing

Google has been busy updating a host of different applications from Gmail to Google+, and now the update for Buy Google Reviews Google Reader. The new Google Reader offers an interface overhaul that is a lot more intuitive, and also offers the ability to share on Google+. This updated version helps Google further integrate with the social media community and promote the use of Google+. There are also some additional benefits that can help your online marketing efforts to either streamline or expand your social media impact.

A Fresh New Interface

The overall interface of Google Reader has been revised and refined. It’s a lot cleaner and more organized than before. There is less clutter, more white space, and it’s easy to access everything from settings to starred items and trends, to recommended items and sources. The dashboard on the left side of the home page gives you access to all the links you need. Overall, the look is more user-friendly and less intimidating than before, and looks rather similar to the Gmail interface overhaul that took place not too long ago.

New Feature Advantages!

It’s easier to manage your subscriptions to RSS feeds as you can now import additional subscriptions from outside feed readers as well. You first have to go to your other feed readers and export a file with an “OPML” extension, but once you do so, you can easily upload that file to Google Reader and see all your subscriptions listed in one place. For those of us out there that have been using multiple readers, this new feature can save a lot of time.

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