The Many Hats of a Security Guard or Security Officer

The security guard or security officer profession is so broad. The average security guard gets involved in so many things. It is imperative that they be able to switch from one function to another with little or no hassle.

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The ability to cope with the different tasks has become more important since 9-11. The 9-11 events lead the nation to heighten the need for security, even by private organizations. This need for heightened security has meant more and better trained security officers security chauffeur in London. In this article, I will discuss the many hats the security officer or guard can be expected to wear.

The security officer can be called to wear the hat of surveillance officer. This surveillance can be preventative or investigative. In the preventive situation, the security guard or officer is expected to watch out and report a crime before it is committed. This will require the officer calling the police to make any necessary arrests or driving away the offending individual.

In the investigative situation, the guard may stakeout a location for those that hired him or her. The primary aim hear will be to gather evidence. Any evidence the guard finds will be turned over to his or her clients. The clients may even require him to testify in court if the need arises.

The private security guard can be called to wear the hat of a patrolman. This requires using a vehicle to go from one location to the next. The aim here is for people to constantly see security presence. As the security officer drives around, people see him and know the location is not conducive to committing a crime because they could get in trouble with the law.

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