The Credit Card Debt Sham (America, We Should Have Saw This Slight of Hand Trick Coming)

The advertising executives, who first launched the Madison Avenue Guerilla Marketing Tactics for the credit cards companies, can only be described as advertising geniuses buy virtual credit card. Do you really realize what they accomplished? They overwhelmingly persuaded Americans to take on the “Charge it now and pay for it later” mentality. In the process, they succeeded at seducing the masses into gleefully accumulating burdensome and often backbreaking credit card debt. It was a coup of all coups. When you comprehend what they pulled off, you just may be appalled!

How IDEX is Reinventing the Credit Card - FindBiometrics

Most people believe the mission of credit card companies is to help consumers. Nothing is farther from the truth. The mission of every credit card company is to convince, persuade and seduce consumers into accumulating more and more debt. Don’t ever forget this irrefutable fact concerning plastic debt. The more debt consumers amass, the greater the profit of the credit card companies. Consequently, when consumers take on less debt, the profits of the credit card companies decreases.

I’ll put it to you this way: More credit card debt equals more credit card company profits. Less credit card debt equals less credit card company profits. The truth is these companies want you indebted to them, by any means necessary.

OMG, Not The Credit Card Debt Disclosure

Every credit card user signs a disclosure prior to their plastic money being issued. The problem is, very few people read the in’s and out’s of these irrevocable one-sided binding contracts. Truthfully, that’s what the credit card companies are counting on; low readership. If they did read them, they would find a rigid set of rules and regulations that are virtually impossible to keep. A person would essentially have to be a perfectionist. Once they break or violate any of the written rules, BAM! They are hit with fees, late charges and other assessments.

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